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Drying Test Oven - Model(HB-CC804)

Product Description
Drying Oven is used to dry, bake and preheat various materials or specimen. By means of hot air circulation method to uniform the temperature distribution. Oven through the power to make electric heating tube, to produce heat, when it is heated objects can be directly absorbed into heat energy, thereby obtaining a quick drying effect, to shorten the production cycle, energy conservation, improve product quality and other purposes.
StructureThe structure of the oven body made of Angle steel, steel sheet.Between the shell and studio filled glass fiber heat preservation and heat insulation.The top of the heating systems in the studio.Horizontal circulation ventilation, the temperature in the cabinet is more even, this type of drying box can effectively avoid indoor work existence the gradient of temperature difference and temperature overshoot phenomenon, and can improve the work of indoor temperature uniformity.
Main Technical Parameter:
Internal dimension(W*D*H) 250×250×250mm
External dimension(W*D*H) 490×460×450mm
Temperature range200°C~300°C
Motor1/4 HP
Electrothermal Tube4 KW
Material Inner potCarbonsteel
Outer boxSteel plate with spraying surface
Brine Temperature35°C±1°C
Spray Quantity1.0~2.0 ml / 80cm2 / hr
PowerAC 220V/19A
User's Manual:
  • Before using the necessary attention to the power supply voltage can comply. When used, the power required by the rules to stop outlet ground wire to ground.
  • When power use, should not be touched by hand electrical box left space topical or rinsing, wiping with a damp cloth and water, should test the power supply cut off.
  • The power cord can not be wound on a metal object, can not be set at a low temperature or humid central avoid rubber aging resulting in leakage.
  • Do not place items inside too crowded, the atmosphere necessary for space aside natural convection or moist atmosphere can escape in the wind on top of deceleration.
  • Should reflect current temperature conditioner of silver contacts suggest scared or uneven, and if so, can be used fine gauze contact sand flat, and then use, and should always wipe with a clean cloth to make good contact with (note required Cut off the power). Metal pipes of the indoor temperature conditioner Never strike lest affect flexibility.
  • Install boring without explosion inside, do not put flammable materials.
  • After each use, shall cut off the power of local, often persist inside and outside the tank clean.