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Biochemical Incubate Test Chamber - Model(HB-CC803)

Product Description
Biochemical Incubate Chamber is widely apply to Medical Treatment Public Health, epidemic prevention, animal husbandry researching, environment protection , agricultural scientific research, and other scientific research department.
HB-CC803 Biochemical incubator is the special equipment of water analyze, BOD testing, germ, stain, cultivation of microorganism and the vaccine, the blood, all kinds of specimens to the preservation of test and plant cultivation, breeding biology cultivation experiment.
Biochemical Incubator Feature:
  • High quality mirror stainless steel, high quality steel spray tank semi-circular corners, easy to clean, inside adjustable baffle spacing.
  • LCD screen, a screen display multiple sets of data, easy to understand, easy to observe and operate. Simple operation and high precision temperature control than the original digital form.
  • Is equipped with the most advanced fuzzy PID intelligent temperature controller, the fluctuation is small, with a timer function (0-9999min), with a separate limit temperature alarm system, exceeds the limit temperature is automatically interrupted, ensures experiments run safely and no accident would happen.
  • With 4 ~ 20mA standard current signal, RS485 interface can be connected to the recorder and the computer, to record changes in temperature parameters.
  • Unique stainless steel circulating air duct, forced air circulation, temperature uniformity.
  • Number of microscopic timing function keys with computer temperature controller, temperature control is accurate and reliable;
  • The use of mirror stainless steel, semi-circular arc corners easy to clean, inside adjustable shelf spacing;
  • The glass observation window, easy to understand observation;
  • Open the door, the object to be processed into the box on the shelf, close the door.
  • The power, the three-pin plug into a power outlet, the power switch on the front panel to "ON" position, then the emergence of digital instrument display, showing the device into operation.
  • By operating the temperature controller on the control panel, you need to set the interior temperature. When the set temperature greater than ambient temperature above 5 ℃, set the refrigeration switch placed "RT + 5 ℃". (Temperature controller detailed instructions overleaf.)
  • The instrument began to work, the inside temperature gradually reaches the set value, after the required processing time, processing is completed.
  • Turn off the power until the inside temperature near ambient temperature, open the door and remove the object.