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Climatic Chamber - Model(HB-CC)

Product Description
Climatic chamberhave a large Internal dimension (can be customized) to use for different sizes sample. climatic chamber can rapidly and accurately change different climate conditions of temperature (Temperature range:-40℃~ +150℃) and humidity(humidity range:20~98%R.H.) environment with PIC controller. climatic chamber can simulate a wide range of environmental climates, while the size of the chamber and the simulated climate values can be customized.
Climatic chambercan accurately simulate the low temperature, high temperature, high temperature and humidity, low temperature and low humidity complex natural environment.
Climatic chamberis suitable for electronic, electrical, communications, instrumentation, vehicles, plastic products, metal, food, chemical, building materials, medical, aerospace and other products testing quality.
Meet the standard:
  • GB11158 high temperature test chamber technical conditions
  • GB10589-89 low temperature test chamber technical conditions
  • GB10592-89 high and low temperature test chamber technical conditions
  • GB / T10586-89 hot and humid test box technical conditions
  • GB / T2423.1-2008 low temperature test chamber method
  • GB / T2423.2-2008 Test method for high-temperature test chamber
  • GB / T2423.3-2006 heat chamber test methods
  • GB / T2423.4-2008 Damp heat test method change
  • GB / T2423.22-2002 temperature Test Method
  • IEC60068-2-1.1990 temperature chamber test methods
  • IEC60068-2-2.1974 high temperature chamber test methods
  • GJB150.3 high temperature test
  • GJB150.4 low temperature test
  • GJB150.4 low temperature test
Standard Features:
Internal dimension(W*D*H) 1000*1000*1000mm
External dimension(W*D*H) 1500*1380*1900mm
Temperature range-40~+150℃
Temperature Accuracy±1℃
Humidity range20~98%R.H.
Humidity Accuracy±3%R.H
Cooling speed1℃/min in average (without loading)
Heating speed3℃/min in average (without loading)
Internal chamber materialSUS#304 stainless steel, mirror finished
External chamber materialStainless steel with paint spray
Cooling methodAir cooling
ControllerLCD touch screen, programmable control temperature and humidity
Can set different parameter for cyclic test
Insulation material50mm high density rigid Polyurethane foam
HeaterExplosion-proof type SUS#304 stainless steel fins radiator pipe heater
CompressorFrance Tecumseh compressor
LightingHeat resistance
Temperature SensorPT-100 dry and wet bulb sensor
Observation WindowTempered glass
Testing HoleDiameter 50mm, for cable routing
Safety Protection DeviceProtection for leakage
Compressor overvoltage and overload
Heater short circuit
Water shortage
  • To simulate test environment with different temperature and humidity
  • Cyclic test includes climatic conditions: holding test, cooling-off test, heating-up test, moistening test and drying test…
  • Cable port with flexible silicone plug for cable routing to provide the condition of test unit under operation
  • Uncover test unit weakness in a short-term test with accelerated time effect
Programmable Controller:
  • PIC controller for test chamber
  • Step types include: ramp, soak, jump, auto-start, and end
  • RS-232 interface to connect computer for output