About Us

Our journey started from a small seed and today we represent a big tree with its branches widespread across the globe. We are a group of vigorous and experienced technocrats who have more than 20 years of global exposure in the industries like Automotive, Petrochemical, Defense & Aerospace, Telecommunication, Industrial Applications and Medical. We also have a group of energetic and vivacious staff which is sincerely committed and dedicated towards satisfying our customers by offering them sophisticated, advanced machines, technical solutions and services.

We have a worldwide network of contented business associates across the industry. We have been consistent in providing timely delivery, intransigent quality service and competitive price to our customers and this is what make us invincible in the industry.

Our motive is to grow persistently by continuously challenging our limits to achieve the greatest possible altitude. We aspire to keep ourselves streamlined with the prevalent technology and equipments launched in the industry and embrace the innovation to provide a cutting edge of service to our customers. Our goal is to climb the ladder of success consistently along with all our stake holders (which include our manufacturers, customers and employees) because we believe that an organization achieves great heights only if its stake holders find it to be the best place to associate with.

As an organization, we aim to rise and improvise our methods and services steadily in order to serve more and more customers and contribute substantially for the betterment of the society.


1.To be one of the world’s leading technology providers and consultants by making a significance through new technological advancement.
2. To be committed to invest in our people and our company.
3. To contribute to the growth of our employees, society and country.
4. To cultivate a habit in every employee to think like a founder. Such an owner mind growth of a company.
5. To empower every employee to cultivate accountability and responsibility.
6. To be committed to be a highly profitable and sustainable organization.
7. Equality for everyone – Evolve principle of treating all stakeholders, viz., customers, colleagues, business partners and investors equally.


1.Honesty and integrity towards everyone, to the employees, the system, the OEMs as well as the customers.
2. Be proactive with all the stakeholders (customers, colleagues, business partners and investors) customers for serving them.
3. To adopt a culture of professionalism with personal touch.
4. To recognize the importance and value of teamwork in turning our goals into accomplishments.
5. To become a place where everyone can share their point of view without hesitation.
6. To become a place where people strongly believe in organization's values and are passionately committed for the continuous development and growth of company and self.
7. The organization as well as every employee of the company should continuously strive for improving the technical and management skills of every employee relevant to his/her job profile.
8. To adopt a lean and flat structure in the organization.
9. To give promotions based on skills, experience, results, learning ability, knowledge of performing assigned task and loyalty; not based on emotions, relations and age.
10.To be proactive for succession planning
11. To strive to cultivate a habit of reaching to perfection and doing no mistake in any process and activity
12. To develop a habit in every employee of the company of being paranoid and putting them in uncomfortable position and make them able to develop the uncomfortable situation as comfortable.