Surveillance cameras for stationary or mobile border surveillance

The Rugged design, with additional qualifications and screw-in C mount, expands the possibilities for use to the most extreme environments, even with temperature fluctuation as well as vibration and shock.

The performance spectrum of Tauri2 cameras is ideal for sight systems. They’re built into vehicles, such as race car cockpits as an “onboard cam”, or in specialized excavators to surmount blind spots and thus secure the excavator’s approval for road traffic.
HD or SD, just as required different resolutions, SD and HD (HD-SDI)
  • Different resolutions, SD and HD ((HD-SDI)
  • Optics with different focal lengths
  • Panoramic view up to 95° FOV
  • Moisture and dust protection to IP protection class 67
  • High-level protection against frost, saline environments and other environmental effects

Microscope Cameras, CCD and CMOS

Full HD cameras for pathologists, OEM cameras with HDMI interface and SD memory cards for the microscope manufacturer, cooled systems for spectroscopy, and multispectral imaging as well as a small yet high-performing camera family for microscopy dealers.

Light Measurement Cameras

With very good signal processing, excellent image quality and available interfaces to control peripherals as customers require, these cameras are optimally suited for the most diverse measurement tasks, such as measurement of lasers, LEDs and other light sources.

Ultra-Compact GigE Vision X-Ray Camera Modules

Advantages for You
  • Destruction-free materials testing/NDT system
  • Quality control from tires to weld seam inspection
  • X-ray inspection systems for food industries such as infant nutrition, ready-to-eat meals, beverages
  • X-ray detectors for luggage inspection systems
  • High-quality images with excellent grayscale resolution
  • At 30 fps, also well suited for digital real-time radiology
  • Sensor adjustment down to the pixel along all three axes
  • Identical camera pairs, precisely characterized across the entire control behavior for 3D X-ray systems
  • X-ray-specific real-time signal processing
  • Control software for evaluation conventiently on a PC.

UAV Control / UAV Piloting Cameras

Payload HD-Camera, high definition live images for observation and recon missions on stabilized and unstabilized multisensor platforms with aviation qualified rugged design, split head electronics, SMPTE-274M (HD-SDI), integrated image memory and horizontal image mirror.

Gun Barrel Measurement and Inspection System

The Zistos Large Gun and Mortar Video Borescope replaces the M3 Borescope, used for artillery tube inspections by US and foreign militaries, for more than 30 years. The dual camera (front and side view) video solution provides a detailed view of the condition inside the artillery tubes. The built-in DVR records video (AVI) and still (JPEG) images for reports and transmission (email, etc.) to technical experts, as needed. This turnkey kit comes complete in a single case. It’s waterproof, rugged and field-proven for deployment, where needed.

Data for the tube and inspection location information (angle, depth, serial number, etc.) are recorded with the images. A single operator can comfortably perform an inspection in a relatively compact area. The system can be run from a variety of power sources for maximum portability.

The system is currently in use by other branches of the US Military as well as foreign militaries.
  • Inspect 57mm – 155mm+ diameter mortars and cannons
  • Side and forward looking cameras with built-in long life LED illumination
  • Single person operation: rugged, weather resistant, self-powered system
  • 5.6” LCD monitor can be conveniently muzzle-mounted for larger tubes
  • Built-in DVR with dedicated one button JPEG and video capture and playback
  • Removable SD flash media and USB port for data transfer to thumb and hard drives including FIPS 140-2 encrypted drives
  • Digital readout of camera orientation
  • Telescoping poles engraved with depth measurement graduations
  • Digital grid overlay for determining the size of artifacts and objects
  • Internal wiring to camera with internal anti-tangle slip ring interface
  • Extend only as much pole length as required - operates in tight spaces
  • System can operate on rechargeable batteries, AA lithium batteries, vehicle 12DC, NATO Slave, or 110-240VAC, other power options available
  • Compatible with existing 120mm XM12 Bore Erosion Gauge (used with M3 Borescope)
  • Wireless automatic Laser Depth Measurement option available
  • UV option for Magnetic Particle Inspection available

Niebling Gun flash System (Fully Automatic Tube Cleaning System)

GUN FLASH is the only lightweight and small-volume, oscillating air cylinder gun tube cleaning system on the world market, which is based on full automatic sensor controlling so that cleaning, oiling and long-term conservation can be done in one stroke without supervision.

The software is controllable by a laptop and all cleaning modes can be modified to the customer’s requests in fast and easy steps, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe operation.

GUN FLASH provides automatic soil detection and intensive cleaning of critical spots for gun tube calibers 90mm-125mm and 150mm-155mm. Each brush unit is optimized for different calibers, compatible with all standard oils, and can be used with the same control unit and clamping device.

Very low oil consumption (approximately five liters is sufficient for around 100 cleaning cycles) is achieved by spraying constant oil layers with finely dosed air pressure. This process can be controlled by the operator. GUN FLASH also exceeds technical requirements, such as ammunition chamber cleaning by using an optional adapter.

To complete the gun cleaning system, clients can also use the optional Smart Comp® compressor, which serves continuous air pressure supply even in the field.
Technical Data
  • Cal 76 – 90 mm: integrated into the standard device
  • Cal 150 – 155 mm: integrated into the standard device
  • Cal 100 – 125 mm: additional device attached to the cleaning head
Main Advantages
  • Defined cleaning with standard modes
  • Cleaning intensity at operators choice
  • Special brushes guarantee proper cleaning
  • High safety due to automatic operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Automatic start of reverse mode independent from tube length
  • Automatic calibration to soiling level
  • Different cleaning levels
  • Programmable lubrication and conservation
  • Smooth distribution of oil and conservation means
  • 24V operation, alternatively 220V
  • Truck sufficient as power source due to low power consumption
  • Low air pressure consumption, however support compressor recommended
  • No maintenance
  • Transport and storage in one aluminium box
  • Option: Adapter for ammo chamber cleaning
Technical Data
  • Total Weight without Transport Case : 87Kg
  • Total Weight with Transport Case : 87Kg
  • Engine Supply : Diesel Engine
  • Transport Case : 1200 x 500 x 500 mm(L x W x H)
Compressor Unit
  • Operating Pressure : 8 bar
  • Operating Energy : 24 V/3Ampere
  • Power on time : 100%
  • Effective Capacity : Approx. 300 l/min
  • Oil Charge : 1 litter
  • Number of cylinder : 1
  • Bore : 82 mn
  • Storke : 66 mn
  • Cylinder Capacity : 349 cm3
  • Max. tilted position-alternation : 250(currently 350)
  • Oil charge : 1, 2 liter

Internal/External/ Terminal Ballistics & weapon dynamics

  • Chamber pressure
  • Port pressure
  • Action time
  • Hang fire
  • Gun dynamics
  • Rate of fire
  • Muzzle & down range velocity
  • Drag
  • Yaw
  • Trajectory
  • Tracer
  • Accuracy
  • Armour testing /V50
  • Penetration velocity
  • Fragmentation
  • Fuze delay
  • Optical target system
  • Doppler radar system

Guns & Ammunition Test

  • Internal ballistics
  • Intermediate Ballistics
  • External Ballistics
  • EPVAT Test
  • Precision
  • Recoil
  • Stress & Strain
  • Rate of Fire

Ballistic Materials Test

  • Ballistic Penetration
  • Base line
  • Helmets
  • Velocity Barrels Receiver
  • Backing Fixture
  • Helmets Fixture
  • Backing Testers
  • Carriers

Pistol and Rifle Ammunition Production

Complete plant for pistol and rifle ammunition production
  • Pistol/rifle cases manufacturing
  • Bullets manufacturing
  • Cartidges priming - loading - packing/linking
  • Ballistic equipment
Complete plant for shot shell ammunition production
  • Shot shell cases manufacturing
  • Plastic wad manufacturing
  • Cartidges priming – loading - packing
  • Ballistic equipment